Dry Gly 700 Herbicide (Glyphosate 700g/L)

Dry Gly 700 Herbicide (Glyphosate 700g/L) the strongest glyphosate of them all is a non-selective and non residual herbicide for the control of, annual, perennial and aquatic weeds for a broad spectrum of applications. Based on the powerful Mono Ammonium Salt.

  • Easy to store. Comes in satchels that means you don't need to cart around the full container if transporting the glyphosate is your thing.
  • The pre packaged satchels are ready to go. Ideal for spraying, just empty the contents of satchel into spray pack and you're good to go.
  • Safe. No messy chemicals lying around and no need to get your hands dirty mixing the glyphosate.
  • Strong formulation. Way more potent than most glyphosate products you'll find in your hardware store. It kills weeds fast
  • More bang for your buck. The granuals go further than the liquid.
  • Ideal for all sorts of applications – commercial, farming and domestic
Size Price
750 grams – 10 x 75g satchels – same as 1.5 litres of glyphosate 360 – (use 75 grams per 15L water) $40
5kg – 10 x 500gram satchels – same as 10 litres of glyphosate 360 – (use 500 grams per 100L water) $100
5kg – 10 x 500gram satchels (red and blue dye) – same as 10 litres of glyphosate 360 – (use 500 grams per 100L water) $140
15kg same as 30 litres of glyphosate 360 $199
Please note: We like to give our customers our prices because there’s nothing more annoying then visiting a website but not being able to get a price. Glyphosate pricing does change, it goes up and down, so the costs above should only be used as a guide. Also, if you’re interested in purchasing larger quantities we can certainly do you a better deal. As always, if you have any questions please do contact us – our hotline is – 1300 851 290

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